Over 300 stools and 100 dining and pub sets - on display at our showroom, visit today!

Largest Selection of Indoor and Outdoor Chairs and Stools in New England

Styles are changing and it is imperative that your stools and chairs reflect this trend.  Every few years things come and go in and out of style, and in today’s day and age we are living in a world that loves modern fashion.  We like simple and stylish chairs, stools, and dining tables that are effective; simplicity is the new elegance.  No one wants to sit at a friend’s house on dirty, ugly, old chairs at an old table.  Likewise, no one wants to sit at a bar with dirty, ugly, out-of-fashion stools.  There is an easy fix to these situations.  Chair Fair!


Chair Fair holds the largest selection of indoor and outdoor chairs, high stools, short stools, middle stools, stools with backs, stools without backs, etc., in the entire New England area.  They even have dining sets.  This place is the one stop shop for home-owners and business owners alike.  Maybe you are trying to update your dining tables or chairs to make your friends feel more welcome, maybe you want to update your outdoor seating arrangements to make guests more comfortable; maybe you own a bar/restaurant/lounge and your stools and chairs are getting worn down from all the foot traffic, or maybe you’re looking to spice up the business to make customers stay seated longer which means spend more money.  All of these problems are solved at Chairfair.


So often we ignore our old tables and chairs when we could be taking advantage of upgrading a relatively small aspect of our property and adding flare to the entire atmosphere.  When’s the last time you went to a nice dinner party and sat in old chairs at an old table?   When’s the last time you went to a nice restaurant and sat in old chairs and at an old table?  The tables and chairs we sit in have an enormous effect on how we feel about the places we are in.  There’s no room for old, filthy, torn chairs at nice places; your home is one of those nice places.


It may be time to upgrade your seating arrangements to make visitors more comfortable, and make you proud.  Give us a call at (781) 843-3300 or come on by, we are located at 37 Commercial St. Braintree, MA 02184.  See you soon!