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Looking for Bar Stools near Boston?

Now that we are seated in winter, metaphorically speaking, it is time to take refuge at our favorite pubs and respective eating establishments.  The most important aspect of the places we love to sit for hours is, well, the seating itself.  Approaching a bar and taking an uncomfortable seat is the worst.  That is why keeping on top of our bar stools is so important.  There are many types of bar stools from high-back to wicker to wood.  We can only take one seat at a time, naturally, and it is very important to provide comfortable and suitable seating for every guest.

One of the greatest types of bar stools is the backless bar stool.  They are light weight and take up much less space than any stools or chairs with backs which makes them the perfect choice for small bars at restaurants or kitchen counter bars.  They can also be tucked away under the bar when not in use to make room for the dance floor.  Backless bar stools come in two heights for adults: 30 inches and 24 inches.  There is also a child size bar stool so these stools are fitting for every occasion and every location.  After deciding the backless stool, and the height of the stool, you must choose whether or not you want the stool to swivel.  It may not seem like a large factor, but swiveling allows patrons to leave their seats without running their stools against the floor, preventing wear and tear.  Now the final choice is either upholstered stools or hard seated stools.  Upholstered seats are more comfortable for guests but are more difficult to clean than the hard seats.  A nice middle-ground is the leather bar stool.  It provides the comfort of upholstery and it is also easy to clean.  One last perk of the backless bar stool is that it encourages patrons to sit up straight as they have nothing to lean their spines against, keeping your guests healthy.
There are endless variations of bar stools and it is up to you to collect all the information you can on chairs and stools and decide for your self.  At Chair Fair we have the largest selection of bar and counter stools in all of New England with enormous selections of fabrics and finishes.  You can't go wrong with us.