New House, New You: Choosing Dining Chairs
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New House, New You: Choosing Dining Chairs

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to move, and that can be a scary thing. Besides the stress of packing up all your things, you have to decide if it’s worth it to pack up all your old furniture. Although it may seem daunting, moving is the perfect opportunity to take the time to design your new home in a way that fits your lifestyle. Maybe your old house had a small kitchen, but your new one has enough space to do cartwheels, and you’ve always dreamt of having a breakfast bar. Chair Fair has all the tables and chairs to furnish your home just as you want it.


Build Your Dream Dining Space

Unless you work hard to find the same style of home that you came from, it’s unlikely that you have the same floor plan as you did before. This creates an opportunity to think about what you do and don’t want, and what’s most practical for you. Maybe you purchased a large dining set that seats 12 because your old home had a large formal dining space. But even though you had space, you primarily used the table as a shelf or dust collector.


In this case, professionals here at Chair Fair can help you find a table and chairs set that works better for your lifestyle. If your family is more about quick eats and enjoy a live-in kitchen setting, we have a large variety of dinette sets that will fit perfectly in your space.


Do You Need Lots of Room?

On the flip side, maybe you’re moving closer to family and expect to have formal dinners with many guests regularly. Our dining sets are big enough to seat the whole family!


Whether it’s just a tweak or a total makeover, make your moving experience and home design easy with Chair Fair. Come to our showroom in Weymouth, MA to see the over 100 dining sets and chairs we have on display!