A Pub Set: The Versatile Dining Choice

Unless you’re a seasoned home decorator, it’s hard to tell the difference between different types of tables and chairs. It might be a bit of a shock when you go to buy a dining set and you’re faced with so many options. Everything about a table and dining set is customizable. At Chair Fair, we’re determined to help you find the perfect dining set, pub set, or bar stools for your home.


How Much Room Do You Need?

The easiest place to start is likely the size of the table. This is where you have to choose between a “pub set” or a full dining set. Pub tables are suitable for eat-in kitchens, or areas where there is no separate dining room, as they come in smaller sizes than a typical dining set. Pair the tables with chairs with long legs or you stand while nibble on a snack.  Pub sets, do however, do come in larger sizes as well.


Versatility is Key

Pub sets are versatile and can be used for much more than dining. Pub tables are ideal for entertaining. Their tall height is the perfect spot for guests to put their drinks and chat. Additionally, the smaller size generally makes them weigh less than traditional tables, meaning you can move them around  to fit your needs.


You Can Have Both!

Full-size dining tables have their benefits as well. They offer ample space for the entire family to gather and enjoy a meal together. Additionally, since they are the focal point of the room, the one you choose can dictate other style choices for the room. Consider pub tables for eat-in kitchen and day to day eating, and save the formal dining for special events.


You may be under the impression that pub sets may only ever be able to seat three or four, but at Chair Fair we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so we’re sure to have a piece of furniture that is perfect for you! Visit our showroom in Weymouth, MA to explore our display of over 100 dining sets.