Barstools That Will Change Your Environment Instantly

Many homeowners get a weird itch every few months. This itch eats at you until you acknowledge it and act upon it. The itch is a need for a facelift. However, home renovations don’t have to be a tedious and expensive undertaking. With something as simple as changing out your barstools, you can create a whole new look for any room in your home!



From leather couches to leather stools, the vibe this material portrays is classic and luxurious. By swapping out your tired barstools for one made of solid wood and padded leather saddle seating, you will easily create a timeless look of sophistication. Many stools of this nature, like this one here, bring us back to earlier days where gentlemen gathered and chatted over whiskey and cigars.




Wood stools are another timeless choice. In fact, some of the first seats ever utilized were created from wood. However, the history behind the material doesn’t mean it has to have that old-fashioned feel. Several wooden stools have been created with dynamic features to portray any feeling. From modern to farmhouse, there’s a wooden stool perfect for your space.


kitchen stools

Mixed Material

Any time you combine materials, you’re creating visual interest. A quick and easy change for any room! For example, some barstools may combine wood and metal, and others may combine wood and fabric. Thus making this stool ideal for any atmosphere as it can easily fit into the overall aesthetic. With pops of color through fabric choices or interesting designs of the overall shape, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


Backless Saddle

As simple as this style may be, this stool provides an array of benefits. First, it’s kid-friendly! Gone are the days of the swivel chair being slammed back and forth repeatedly against your countertops. With backless stools, your family can enjoy sitting around together without the irritations! Plus, this type of stool is easily stored creating a more open feeling in the home.


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If your barstools could use a facelift, stop into Chair Fair today. We have the selection of inventory for any room and desire. Whether you’re redoing man-town or looking for a kitchen makeover, our team is here to assist you! Not seeing what you hoped for? No worries, we love custom orders! Visit us today at 408 Washington St. in Weymouth, MA.