It’s That Time Again: Holiday Barstools For the Win

One of the busiest times of the year is coming up with back to back holidays. From friends to family, holiday hosting means having the appropriate space to ensure your guests are comfortable. At Chair Fair, our team is here to help with the ultimate selection of in-house barstools.

Here is a look at a few of our favorites and why they are the perfect addition to any home!


Backless Barstools

When people consider comfort level, a seat with a back is generally preferred. However, come the holiday season, and depending on the crowd you expect, having a backless stool may be the better option. Why? One of the most prominent reasons to go backless is the flexibility of where you can place the stool. Although both types of stools are versatile, removing the back allows you more spatial freedom.

Besides, backless stools come in such a huge variety that the ultimate comfort level is still attainable. From classic wooden stools to plush leather, Chair Fair has exactly what you are looking for.


Let’s talk about materials.

Since we mentioned it, let us delve a bit deeper into material choice. Wood, leather, and fabric are ultimately the three choices you will face. Wood is the most straightforward, requiring little care. However, wood stools are prone to scratching and are generally not the most comfortable. Depending on your need, wood stools may or may not be the best choice.

Leather stools provide an upscale, sleek look while offering some of the most uncomplicated cleaning requirments. Depending on the thickness, leather can also be one of the most comfortable stool options. On the other hand, fabric stools open the door for the most customization options ensuring your new stools match the overall aesthetic of your home. Requiring more maintenance and care, fabric stools can always be reupholstered down the road.


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When it comes to selecting the perfect barstools for your holiday hosting, start by understanding your style. With a solid foundation, browsing the hundreds of options at Chair Fair will be fun and exciting! 

Visit us today at 408 Washington Street in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and be confident that your guests will be comfortable this upcoming season!