Looking for Barstools near Boston?

Now that we are seated in winter, metaphorically speaking, it is time to take refuge at our favorite pub and respective eating establishments.  The most important aspect of the places we love to sit for hours is, well, the seating itself.  Approaching a bar and taking an uncomfortable seat is the worst.  That’s why keeping on top of your Boston barstools is so important as an establishment owner.  There are many types of stools to choose from, high-back to wood, stationary to swivel, and even padded.  We can only take one seat at a time, naturally, and it is very important to provide comfortable and suitable seating for every guest.


The winner is ..

One of the most popular types of Boston barstools is the backless stool.  This style of stool is light weight and takes up much less space than other models.  Thus, backless barstools are typically the ideal choice for both small bars at restaurants or kitchen counter islands.  Beyond the aspect of the establishment owner, backless stools also provide customers easier maneuverability when navigating the crowds.


Variety is the spice of life

Beyond the convenience that backless Boston barstools offer, they also come in a wide variety of sizes and heights.  For example, this type of stool is commonly found in two heights for adults: 30 inches and 24 inches.  However, there’s also a child size bar stool, making these stools fitting for every occasion in any location.  After deciding on the backless stool, and the height that best fits your needs, you’ll need to consider the element of motion.

Although movement may not seem like a significant factor, the swivel stool provides a few benefits that stationary stools don’t offer.  For instance, wear and tear of your bar is minimized but allowing patrons to enter and exit without dragging heavy chairs across the floor.

The final decision to be made is whether or not to provide upholstered, wooden, or metal stools.  If you’re going for comfort, upholstered seats are more comfortable option, but they are also more difficult to clean and prone to staining.  Plain wooden stools are also prone to scratching in high-traffic areas, but they’re easier to clean.  A nice middle-ground is the leather bar stool.  It provides the comfort of upholstery, and it’s easy to clean.


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With endless possibilities for Boston barstools, the choice comes down to you! What works best in the environment on hand? What style best matches the overall décor of the area? At Chair Fair, we have the largest selection of in-house bar and counter stools sure to fit any need.  Visit us today and see for yourself!