Storing Your Wooden Dining Chairs

The holidays often conjure up visions of big family dinners, with everyone gathered around one big table. If you’re typically the host for these events, you probably have a fleet of dining chairs that you don’t use every day. Storing them incorrectly can wear them out faster and cause damage. At Chair Fair, we want you to get the most out of your wooden dining chairs, and to do that you need to take proper care of them, whether they’re in use or in storage.

Clean Carefully

Your first course of action should be to thoroughly clean any fabrics on the chairs. This will prevent mold or mildew from growing while they’re in storage. It’s best to use as few chemicals as possible in this process, so try removing stains while they’re fresh using warm water. If that doesn’t work, try mixing water with a little dish soap, then letting the fabric dry completely before putting it into storage.

Treat the Wood

Treating the wooden parts of chairs – if any – can also prevent damage on furniture in storage. Choose a furniture polish that adds moisture, as dried out wood can crack. Crack, dried out wood can become unsafe and a splinter hazard, or may not be able to withstand as much pressure.

Keep it Cozy

Placing your furniture in a temperature controlled environment is best. Extreme heat or cold could cause the wood in your dining chairs to expand or contract, which over time tests structural integrity. Choosing a room with low humidity is also important. If you are storing them in your home and not a storage unit, you’ll probably be safe in the basement or in a closet, rather than a garage or unfinished basement. If you’re concerned that the room you choose may not be ideal, you can purchase a dehumidifier for the space, to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your furniture.

Whether you’re planning on serving a meal for four or forty, there is no doubt the importance of celebrating holidays with those around you. Make sure you can enjoy these moments for years to come by taking special care of your dining chairs year round. Call (781) 843-3300 for more information about which dining set is perfect for you!