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With over 100 dinette sets and over 300 bar and counter stools on display, Chair Fair is the number one Boston home and barstool store!

No matter what your style may be, or which element of furniture your dining experience requires, Chair Fair provides the greatest selection available in a single showroom. Styles range from contemporary to colonial, traditional to farmhouse, ensuring the ultimate experience for our customers. If by chance you don’t find precisely what you hoped for, our professionals are happy to discuss the even larger options available for customized solutions!

The Chair Fair family has decades of involvement within the industry, extensive experience, knowledge, and the training that your home deserves. With a dedication to our customers, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Here, you will find over 100 dinette, kitchen, and dining sets on display. More impressively, most sets are available in various sizes, shapes, finishes, and fabrics. Many of which are available for immediate delivery or pick-up!

We look forward to helping you create the perfect dinette set, or finishing touch, for your home!

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Over 300 Stools and 100 Dining Sets on display on our showroom floor.
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If your seating game could use a little TLC, Chair Fair has the ultimate selection of stools to enhance your home’s aesthetic!
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Bring dining home with the ultimate selection of top quality crafted dining sets that will quickly transform any space.
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If space is a concern, don’t let dining be the sacrifice. Pub sets at Chair Fair provide the solution you’ve been looking for!
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