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Wood vs. Glass Dining Sets: What’s Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new dining set, you might have a decent idea of what you’re looking for. But if you don’t, our team always strives to make the journey as stress-free as possible. Deciding the material you want your table and chairs to be crafted from is one of the first […]

Decorate This Season With DIY Makeovers

You can easily spruce up your home for the fall or winter holidays with a little bit of paint, fabric, and supplies.

Dining Sets Should Work With Your Space

If your crowded eating area has been bothering you for a long time, it’s time to let it go.

Are Swivel Stools The Best Option For Kitchen Bars?

Is it time for an upgrade? Improve the flow of your kitchen with swivel stools.

How To Care For Your Solid Wood Dining Sets

Wooden dining sets are one of our favorites! Here’s how to keep them in top shape.

Guide for Choosing Perfect Counter Stools for Your Home

Counter stools allow families to spend more time together.

Summer Is Near. Here Are 3 Ways To Stay Comfortable This Season!

The summer season is fast approaching in New England, which means hot, humid days are also drawing near. While many enjoy the steamy days, others prefer the comfort of hanging indoors with air conditioning. Either way, Chair Fair is here to help ensure your summer is one of comfort and enjoyment! As the number one […]

National Textiles Day is Coming. We Couldn’t Be More Excited!

Did you know that on May 3rd, National Textiles Day is around the corner? It’s true. We hope you’re as excited as the team here at Chair Fair! As the number one furniture store in the area, we have to admit, we love a good piece of fabric as much as the next person. Textiles […]

New House, New You: Choosing Stylish Dining Chairs

With the continuing uptick in real estate and one of the busiest moving seasons drawing near, you may find yourself a bit stressed. Beyond the stress of organizing a move, packing your belongings, and all of the in between, you’ll face some serious decisions. For instance, which items should make the move and which ones […]

Dinette Sets: What They Say About You

  While many don’t think much about dinette sets, they actually speak wonders about you. It’s true. Think about the last time you were invited to a friend or family member’s house for dinner or even lunch. You arrive, and you’re instantly transformed into their world. From the décor to the upkeep, one’s home is […]