Are Swivel Stools The Best Option For Kitchen Bars?


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Have you ever struggled with getting on and off a stationary bar stool? Tired of scraping your kitchen floor when you pull out your chair to use it? Well, let’s change that! Choosing the correct item of furniture for your home can be stressful and frustrating. There are so many options! So, the professionals at Chair Fair are here to help. Hopefully, we can clear the debate between swivel stools and stationary stools for you!


Convenient comfort


Bar stools are one of the best kitchen seating options. They’re comfortable and convenient! Well, they can be, at least. One of the benefits of backless swivel stools is that you can quickly get in and out of the seating area with a simple turn of the seat. Additionally, it means that you don’t have to bump into other people or chairs when you need to get up. This is especially true if it’s a swivel stool without arms or a back!


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Social design


There are a few social-related design aspects that come into play. Stationary stools provide a more intimate way of dining. Why is this? When you’re sitting in a chair that cannot move, it means that people have to lean into the people next to them. In other words, people are not actively moving or spinning around in the chairs, which means they will not be as easy to speak to many people. Therefore, swivel stools allow easy movement for busy lives! So, at the end of the day, swivel stools are perfect for home kitchens.


On a side note about swivel stools…


We’ve gone over the benefits of swivel stools over stationary stools for your home kitchen. Here’s a list of other things backless swivel stools offer that you might enjoy.


  • Complete 360-degree turning while sitting.
  • The seat will always be in the proper position.
  • The stools can be stored under a table.
  • Many have a seat that can be raised or lowered.


Are you convinced that yet? Chair Fair has a wide range of designs and stool options available at our store location!


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We’ve got what you need for swivel stools.


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