Bars Stool or Counter Stool?

At some point in time, every homeowner is typically faced with the decision of which stool to purchase for a particular area of their home.  Although it seems like a simple task, choosing the right bar stool or counter stool can be overwhelming.  Knowing the difference between the two can help to narrow the choice selection. Also knowing your setting will help to eliminate a few of the many options available.  From materials to colors, stools are fully customizable.  Whether you are looking to furnishing the kitchen island or your at-home bar area, the experts at Chair Fair offer hundreds of options to help make your experience a bit easier.

Bar Stools

Before adventuring out to find the perfect bar stool, be sure to measure.  Knowing the counter height is key to knowing whether you need a bar or counter stool.  Stools that are ideal for bar areas are typically 30-36 inches in height.  Thus, your counter height should be 40-46 inches leaving plenty of room for your guests to sit comfortably.  Bar stools are also ideal when trying to maximize your seating.  Typically offering a narrow width with footrest, you can utilize several stools along the counter.

Counter Stools

Similar to the bar stool, counter stools differ in height.  These stools range from 24-29 inches in height making them ideal for shorter counter spaces, such as the kitchen island.  The ideal counter height should be 34-39 inches tall.  The counter stool, like the bar stool, offers a range of options.  Depending on the atmosphere and your overall goal for your guests, you may choose a full back stool or one with a low back; maybe no back is the best option.  One of the best features of stools is that there is one for every setting and every guest.


With over 300 bar and counter stools on display, Chair Fair is sure to have the perfect stool for your space.  Offering a variety of styles from contemporary to country, Chair Fair is also happy to customize your ideal bar stool.  Visit their showroom today in Weymouth, MA or call for more information (781) 843-3300.