Barstools Across America: National Dive Bar Day

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The term “dive bar” used to be a term that brought shivers down one’s spine.  Thinking to yourself, “you want me to go where???” They must be out of their mind suggesting such an idea.  However, today, people are on the search for good dive bars.  Thus, National Dive Bar Day was created.  This July 7th, where will you be?  Taking barstools across America, the team at Bucket List Bars has created their top ten must-visit dive bar list.


Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge

Located in New Orleans, Snake and Jake’s looks like a little shack that most people would run from.  However, this late night unique find is a no-nonsense down to Earth dive bar.  With its wooden barstools and Christmas lighting, Snake and Jake’s is a must if you’re in the area. 

Silva’s Saloon

Founded in 1933, Silva’s is a small neighborhood bar in Bernalillo, NM.  A beloved stop for locals, it can be hard to score a stool after 5 pm.  Stuffed to the brim not only in memorabilia but good people and cheap drinks, Silva’s tops the charts when it comes to must-visit dive bars.

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Frolic Room

Arguably the most historical and quintessential dive bar in Hollywood, the Frolic Room will bring you back in time.  Once opened to VIPs of the city, barstools were scarce and only for the wealthy.  With direct access to the Pantages Theater, many famous stories have arisen in this building. 

Simon’s Tavern

Once a café, Simon’s Tavern was founded in the 1920s as Chicago’s speakeasy.  Give the owner a nickel, and you’ll have a first class tour of the place, even the basement.  Tar stained ceilings and hand painted walls tell the story of the immense history this little place offers. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask about the animals in the mural, you could earn yourself a Viking helmet and drink for free all night.


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