Perks of an Eat-In Kitchen

Home designers are shying away from formal dining and relying more on eat-in kitchens as minimalistic lifestyles become more trendy. At Chair Fair, we have a wide selection of bar stools to match the design of any room.

The rising demand for eat-in kitchens is a result of more open floor plans. The thought of eat-in kitchens may evoke an image of someone eating over the sink, but that isn’t true.¬† The term “eat-in” simply means that the central dining table is in close proximity to the kitchen. Further, there usually¬† walls separating the spaces. Essentially, you could have a formal dining set and be considered “eat-in” if you can see the fridge from your chair.


Societal Shift to More Informal Dining

Even with this distinction, the shift to more informal dining means that kitchen islands, peninsulas, and breakfast nooks have become commonplace in modern houses. Integrating the space where food is prepared and consumed makes clean up easier. But that’s not the only perk. Eat-in kitchens can promote the idea that cooking, not just eating, is a family affair.


Save Formal Dining for Holidays

You have a few options if you’d rather save the big dining room table for the holidays. A small table and set of chairs can make any kitchen feel like a welcoming spot to hang out and enjoy a meal during the week, but it can make the room feel cramped when the square footage doesn’t allow it. Adding taller bar stools to the edge of a countertop, or even along one side of an island, adds a cozy spot to grab a quick meal without sacrificing work space in the kitchen.

Chair Fair has over 300 different bar stools and 100 dining sets on display, with thousands of options available, so you’re sure to find the perfect furniture arrangement for your home and lifestyle.