Dinette Sets: 3 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

In today’s world, a dining room is a host to various dinette sets across the country. So common, one would stop to question a home without a dining area. However, this was not always the case.  Because of our passion for dining sets, our team at Chair Fair would like to take this moment to travel back in time.

We believe that life, too often, has us eating on the go instead of enjoying time with the family. So, it’s good to know the evolution of the dining room in order to appreciate the quality time behind family gatherings.


Small dining groups were a sign of social status

Among the first to recognize the importance of intimate dining, the ancient Greek culture also used dining as a sign of status. Often, distinguished men of elite status would join together in small groups to eat honey cakes and chestnuts while chatting over political and philosophical matters. Although women were not allowed to attend, children would often join but had to sit on the floor.


It took centuries before dining became comfortable

From the ancient Greeks through the Romans, dining was anything but luxurious. Even though the idea of secluded dining showed the social status, the gatherings often incorporated wood tables and stone benches in large, drafty halls. It was not until the Industrial Revolution that creature comforts such as linen and china came about.

However, it was the Victorian era when people began to spend lavishly on dining sets. From upholstered chairs to mahogany dinette sets, this culture spared no expense.


Thomas Jefferson played a role in traditional American dining

In 1772, Thomas Jefferson built the Monticello. The house incorporated many design elements brought over from 18th century Europe, including the dining room. With a table in the center of the room, this was the first time the United States saw a room dedicated to family dining.

The trend quickly caught on, and separate dining rooms were incorporated into wealthy homes across the country. Over time, the trend trickled to middle-class homes, and there you have it!



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