Dinette Sets: What They Say About You


While many don’t think much about dinette sets, they actually speak wonders about you. It’s true. Think about the last time you were invited to a friend or family member’s house for dinner or even lunch. You arrive, and you’re instantly transformed into their world. From the décor to the upkeep, one’s home is a reflection of their style and personality.

You’re greeted and given a tour of the house. Each room unique and distinct in what it offers. Now, imagine the moment that you finally arrive at the dining room, the place where you’ll dine and create memories. Chances are, the dining set is one of the most prominent pieces in the room, demanding your attention.


Neglected dinette sets.

You’ve thus been impressed with the home’s décor and vibe. However, once you enter the dining room things turn quite quickly. The table is wooden and clearly a frequented piece of furniture. With scratches and dents, the finish is removed in a few places leaving an old, dingy, and neglected feeling.

While not everyone has a new dining set in the budget, upkeep is a must. Proper cleaning, polishing, and a little maintenance will ensure your guest’s experience doesn’t turn south upon entering the room. Besides, you’ve put so much work into the rest of the home, why neglect your table!

However, some look at a worn table as a sign of love. This is an area where friends and family gather, and the table has the scars and stories to tell about those gatherings. Besides, who wants to be bothered polishing a table when there is fun to be had?


The cluttered dining table.

For others, the dining table is a source of storage. From piles of mail to school supplies, it’s hard to tell what beauty may lurk beneath it all.  Again, a cluttered table may be viewed in entirely different ways depending on who the judge may be. For some, piles of crafts and school supplies once again resort to time well spent with family. For others, a messy table is an overwhelmed brain trying to remove the chaos by tucking it aside.


dining sets


Let’s talk about the shape for a moment.

Believe it or not, the shape of your table also portrays a little about your personality. Here is a look.

  • Round: Time spent at the table is valued. By choosing a round table, interacting with everyone is easily accomplished.
  • Rectangular: You tend to be more traditional in style and mannerisms. With plenty of seating room, rectangular tables allow for large gatherings. However, this shape generally places the “head of the family” at one end in classic eras.
  • Square: Smaller and more intimate, square tables closely mimic the ideals of a round, but tend to portray a more modernized look and feel.


And there you have it. A brief overview on how dinette sets speak wonders about your personality, without you even trying! Now that you’re intrigued, it’s time to stop into Chair Fair for the largest inventory of dinette sets!

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