Find Dining Room Furniture That Fits Your Home

Selecting dining room furniture might seem pretty straightforward, but there are actually a lot more things to think about than you might expect. Do you use your dining room every day or just on special occasions? How many people do you usually need to fit around the table? What’s the size and shape of your dining room? At Chair Fair, we have over a hundred dining sets on display in our showroom, so we’re sure to have something that is perfect for your home.

Not sure where to start? Follow these tips to find the perfect dining room furniture for your home.


Measure First

You’ve probably heard the saying about carpentry “measure twice, cut once.” Well, that applies to buying dining room furniture, too. Though maybe we should change it to “measure first, then shop.” Before you even leave for the furniture store, measure your dining room and take note of where the doors and entrances are. You might even want to bring a rough sketch with you to the store. You want to make sure that the table not only fits in your dining room but that you still have enough space to move around and get in and out of the room.


Consider the Shape

You have four basic choices when it comes to shape: rectangle, oval, square, or circle. It’s easy to quickly rule out if square or circle tables are options. If more than four people will regularly sit at the table, you need an oblong. When choosing between rectangular and oval tables, the layout of your dining room makes all the difference. Rectangular tables work best in long, narrow rooms and for dividing open-plan spaces. Oval tables will give you more space, because it literally cuts off the corners, while also having a more traditional look.


Match the Material to Your Style

Most dining room furniture sets are wood, but that isn’t the only option. There is also more than one type of wood. If your home has a rustic or farmhouse style, reclaimed wood matches well. Is your dining room more formal and elegant? Finished dark wood is your best choice. Light-colored wood is a compromise between the two styles. More than anything, you want to ensure that the furniture is solidly constructed.


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