Furniture Store Tips: Design Like A Pro

While many furniture store customers may think that matching furniture is necessary for a cohesive interior design, it’s just as good to mix things up! Of course, we believe the design choice is always up to you as the customer. However, if you’re looking to create a space that doesn’t feel cookie-cutter or straight out of the 2000s, here are some tips for mixing and matching furniture. 

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1. Color Is Key

Before all else, take a look at your interior space. What colors do you see? Is your style minimalist or architectural? Even if your style is eclectic, you can use furniture to your advantage in any space. Choose wood tones based on wall color and floor style. 

Create a base design with your furniture, e.g., a classic French Country-style dining set. Then, accent the area with pops of color and style, e.g., upholstered chairs and a vintage chandelier. 

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2. Accessories Add Depth

Add depth with accessories like throw pillows and area rugs. You may be surprised to know that you already own accessories that match our unique style. You can use these pieces to elevate your furniture, e.g., potted plants, books, and vases. 

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3. Rule of Three

Of course, we can’t pass this rule by! Using the rule of three might not include how many chairs you place around the table, but it is a great way to design everything else! Using the rule of three is helpful for most spaces, and interior designers usually suggest placing two large pieces and one smaller one within a space for a well-rounded look. 

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4. Create a Focal Point

Much like a vanishing point in a painting, your dining room or kitchen requires a focal point! Add dimension and draw the eye with wall décor, e.g., a large mirror, painting, or picture wall. For the living room, you can center your furniture around a fireplace or a particular piece of furniture.

Find Your Style At Your Local Furniture Store

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