Guide for Choosing Perfect Counter Stools for Your Home


The kitchen is the main space for many families to spend time together. Thus, choosing suitable counter stools for your home will make everyone feel comfortable. The last thing you want are stools that are too tall or short for your countertop! Chair Fair has the largest selection of counter stools and dining sets in New England. So, here’s a guide to choosing to perfect counter stools for your home!


Bar height versus counter heights.


Do you have a bar or counter in your home? Well, if you didn’t know, they’re actually at different heights! Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right style and size stool. Bar stools tend to be higher than counter stools. The tabletop for a bar is typically around 40-42 inches tall. On the contrary, a counter stool is perfect for tabletops that are 35-39 inches high.

But, what is the average height of a bar and counter stool? Bar stools are usually around 28 inches tall, with a maximum of 32 inches tall. In comparison, counter stools are anywhere from 24 to 27 inches high. Thus, countertop stools are best for smaller home tables that you would find in an average kitchen or dining area.


counter stool


Spacing out the stools.


You can only fit so many stools at one counter. So, you have to figure out how to fit them into your dining area comfortably! It’s best if you don’t cram stools together to give everyone space. Moreover, for stools that are 16 inches to 18 inches wide, allow about half a foot of space between them. Also, for stools that are 18 inches or wider, it’s best to allow about 9 inches of space between them.


Extra features to think about!


Here is a list of various features that could help you choose suitable stools!

  • Armless stools take up less space
  • Swivel stools allow guests to sit and leave the countertop area easily
  • Backless stools can slide under the countertop for more walking space




Choose the Chair Fair for Counter Stools!


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