How Many Types of Stools Can You Name?


As one of the earliest forms of furniture, stools have taken many forms and shapes. However, when one is presented with the word, an image of a four-legged, backless wooden seat generally comes to mind. Although you’re correct, there is so much more to the world of stools and what they offer!

In this article, we’re opening the mind’s eye with an article all about stools.


Swivel Stools

Possibly the most fun, the swivel stool is a timeless classic that creates childhood memories for many. Whether you got out of eating dinner by banging the metal siding back and forth on the countertop, spun on your stomach until you walked sideways, or got reprimanded for touching the doctor’s stool – there’s a memory.

Invented by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, yes you read that correctly, the swivel chair was used for its functionally in meetings, aircraft, automobiles, and even stairlifts.


swivel stools

Bar Stools

Often confused with the counter stool, the bar stool is taller in height. Generally ranging from 30 to 36 inches in height, bar stools allow for higher counters or tabletops. Furthermore, this type of seat typically offers a narrow footrest for added comfort. Perfect for restaurants or other social gathering areas.


Boston barstools

Counter Stools

And then, there’s the counter stool. Shorter than the bar stool, a counter stool ranges between 24 and 29 inches in height – perfect for kitchen islands. Available in a range of options, choosing the perfect counter stool for your home can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming, without the right help.

Be sure to check out our previous article highlighting the differences between the bar and counter stools for more helpful hints.


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Then, of course, …

Once you’ve narrowed the options and decided upon the perfect type of stool for your needs, there’s more. Beyond the various styles, you also have a variety of customizable options. For instance, do you prefer a back or backless, wooden or metal, fabric or leather – or perhaps neither. The possibilities are endless and truly only limited by your imagination!


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