How To Care For Your Solid Wood Dining Sets

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A lot of typically wood furniture has been replaced by plastic, metal, and other materials. But don’t fret. Solid wood dining sets are still popular and one of the most popular building materials. If you’re new to owning wood furniture, it’s time to learn how to care for your tables and chairs properly. The last thing you want is scratches and water rings! The experts here at Chair Fair are here to help make your new dining set last.




There are many wood cleaning products available on the market, but you don’t need to worry about them. You can easily keep your dining set clean with just a little bit of liquid dish soap and water. To prevent build-up:

  1. Wipe down the tables and chairs with a lightly damp microfiber cloth to remove dust and grime. If there are any particularly sticky or messy areas, mix a few drops of liquid dish soap and warm water.
  2. Scrub the region.
  3. When you’ve cleaned up the mess, dry it with a clean cloth to prevent water from soaking into the wood!


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Cover It Up


If you have a wood dining set, we understand that you probably want to show it off. But covering the surface with a tablecloth and placement can prevent unwanted stains and water rings from forming. A good start to using tablecloths regularly is to start collecting a few designs that fit your decor! This way, you can switch it up when things get dirty and have an excellent statement piece ready to go. If you are concerned about the wood, you can always invest in a clear plastic topper for holidays or gatherings.


Monitoring Climate


Last but not least, another essential tip for wooden furniture care is climate control. Wood is notorious for swelling in high humidity and shrinking in low humidity. Therefore, it can lead to the wood warping and distorting over time. If dining sets are left near radiators or heat registers, it can cause the wood to swell significantly faster. Thus, it’s best to keep it far away from any heat sources and watch the humidity levels in the home.


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Caring For Dining Sets At Chair Fair


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