How to Choose Comfortable Bar Stools

Having bar stools in your kitchen or basement bar is fun and a great style choice, but finding comfortable stools is a challenge. You want to find a stool that will look good in your home but also be comfortable to sit on. After all, the whole point of a bar stool is to have a place to sit. At Chair Fair, we have countless styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for when you come to our showroom.

Here are some features to look for when choosing bar stools.


bar stools


For a seat that you will be sitting in for a long time, a back is indispensable. It gives you something to lean against, which keeps you from having to hold your back up or hunch over the counter. Rounded backs are typically more comfortable because they hug your body and don’t dig into your back. Tall-backed stools are also quite comfortable if you are sitting in them for a while.


Seat Depth

The most comfortable seat depth depends on how tall you are. For taller people, deep seats are more comfortable because the seat will support their legs without digging into their thighs. For short people, you will find shallow seats more comfortable. If the seat is too deep, you won’t be able to reach the footrest, and your dangling legs will put pressure on your thighs.


Padded Seats

Everyone knows that a padded seat is a comfy seat. Padded seats also give you more options to customize your bar stools and choose a fabric that matches your decor. You can also add tie-on seat pads to wood or metal stools that you easily remove to wash.



For a really relaxing chair, you need arms. If you like to sit and have a drink and a long chat with a friend at your kitchen island or basement bar, it’s much more comfortable if you have somewhere to rest your arms. Some styles even come with cupholders built into the arms!


Bar Stools from Chair Fair

No matter your style, you can find comfortable bar stools that look good in your home at Chair Fair. come to our showroom to see our wide selection or ask about custom options.


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