Is It Time to Replace Your Dining Chairs?

Whether you use your dining room every day or just for special occasions, it’s important to have good chairs. But nothing lasts forever, and even the best chairs need to be replaced eventually. But how do you know when it’s time for new dining chairs? There are many reasons why you might decide to upgrade your furniture, from age to space to personal taste. Whatever your reasons are, you’ll be able to find great choices at Chair Fair!


Here are just a few of the most common reasons to replace your dining chairs.


They show clear signs of wear.

If you use your dining room regularly, especially on a daily basis, your furniture will start to show signs of wear in time. The upholstery will start to wear until you can see the padding underneath. Wood also gets scratched as people repeatedly bump into the furniture and the finish wears off. Over time, your chairs can even break, depending on the quality of the furniture and how roughly it’s handled. Once you can see these signs of wear and age, it’s time to upgrade your seating.


They’re uncomfortable.

When you sit down to have dinner at the end of a long day, you want a comfortable chair to sit in. If you spend your entire meal squirming in your chair, you’re not going to enjoy your meal, whether you made it yourself or picked up your favorite takeout. Many people also use their dining room tables to work from home or help kids with their homework. If that’s your family, you want your chairs to be comfortable.


Your dining space or arrangement changed.

The arrangement of your dining space can change for many different reasons. Your family can expand with more kids, or your household can shrink when they move out. If you move into a new house, the shape of your new dining room may require a different arrangement or number of chairs. It’s not always possible to find chairs that match your existing set, so it may make more sense to buy new chairs.


Get new dining chairs or a full dining set at Chair Fair!

No matter what your reasons are for getting new dining chairs, you’ll be able to find something you love at Chair Fair. We have hundreds of options in our showroom, plus even more custom options.


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