Kitchen Sets: Designing Your Kitchen

With Spring comes the chance to take out the old and bring in the new, and this includes replacing kitchen sets! Whether you’re simply looking to stage your kitchen or you need a kitchen refresh, Chair Fair has the largest selection of kitchen and dining room sets to choose from! However, choosing the right set to match your current interior or future design can be confusing! Here are some tips for choosing the right kitchen set for your space.

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What’s Your Style?

The easiest way to select a kitchen set is to ask yourself what style you prefer. While plenty of unique interior designs appear eclectic, it’s best to maintain a specific style. This can be country-chic, minimalist, Scandinavian–the list goes on! You may be surprised at what style you prefer. Whether coastal is your main theme or Feng-Shui is what you prefer, there’s always a way to incorporate this style into your kitchen set.

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What’s Your Favorite Color?

Color schemes play an important role when choosing your style. This scheme will decide the color of your entire kitchen, from walls to countertops, and this affects your kitchen set, as well! Is your palette warm or cool? Do you prefer natural tones or sleek black cabinetry? Whatever the choice, your kitchen set should match in tone and upholstery. 

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Contrast Colors

If you prefer not to match, a contrasting color palette always looks good! Kitchen furniture and cabinetry don’t always have to match. Switching up colors or adding patterns can bring an eclectic and fun twist to an otherwise monotone space. Mix wood tones or add a bright pop of color for a space unique to you!

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Kitchen Sets At Chair Fair

If you’re not sure where to start, visit Chair Fair! We have over 100 kitchen furniture styles in our showroom, with most sets available in a variety of finishes and fabrics. Many of our sets are available for immediate delivery or pick-up, with the ability for custom sets!

Ready to choose your kitchen set? Stop by and see what Chair Fair has to offer! Our showroom is located at 408 Washington St. in Weymouth, MA.