Kitchen Tables to Give Casual Dining Areas New Life

People use their dining rooms much less often than they used to. For families in particular, it is easier and more comfortable to eat in the kitchen. But the way that we use our kitchen tables is changing, too. With so many people working from home, nearly all the rooms in our homes have become multifunctional, especially the kitchen. At Chair Fair, we have a wide selection of tables that will fit your home’s style and your family’s needs

Here are some ideas for kitchen tables that will fit your family’s activities and lifestyle and look good in your home.

kitchen tables

Natural Wood and Colors

The kitchen table is one of the larger pieces of furniture in the room, so it is going to draw the eye. This gives you the opportunity to make your table blend in or stand out from the rest of your kitchen. Light-colored woods like oak, beech, and ash brighten up a kitchen and have a laid-back welcoming feel. If you want to go bold but stick with natural wood, dark or colored stains make a table stand out, while still showing the natural wood grain. An accent color on the legs or top of white kitchen tables can make your kitchen eating area a little brighter and more fun.


Adaptable Space

When you use your kitchen for more than just eating, sometimes you need a little more space. A table than can adapt to become a larger workspace or accommodate more people is perfect for working from home, school projects, or extra dinner guests. But just because you need more space sometimes doesn’t mean that you want a kitchen table that big all the time. Leaves that you can add in or fold out are ideal kitchen table features to make it a multipurpose work and gathering space.

Multifunctional Seating

If your table needs to be multifunctional, the same goes for your seating. Chairs that look nice around your table but are also comfortable to sit in all day are a must. If more than one person in your house works from home and you only have one office, the kitchen quickly becomes a second office space. Or maybe you just want a change of scenery and need to work in a different room. Multipurpose kitchen tables call for multipurpose kitchen chairs.


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