Pub Sets Make Your Home the Go-To Game Day Hangout

Fall is here, and that means we’re ready for many game day gatherings. Whether your home is the go-to spot for a game day hangout or you’d like it to be, you need the right setup. Couches and a big TV are important, but you need a little more furniture-wise. That’s where pub sets come in. At Chair Fair, we have pub sets for every living room or TV room setup so you can host the best game day get-togethers all fall and winter long.


Here are three ways pub sets can help you make your home to go-to spot for game day hangouts.


Add more seating for extra guests.

When you have everyone over to cheer on your team, you need to have somewhere for them to sit. Squeezing everyone together on the couch might be fine for girlfriends’ movie night, but when you have everyone over to watch the game, you need a little elbow room. Pub sets come in various sizes and seating arrangements, so you can easily add four to six seats by adding one to your TV room.


Have the perfect place to keep the snacks.

Game day isn’t complete without snacks! You can only fit so many things on a coffee table, and if some of your snacks are a little messy, you might not want them near the couch. Adding a high-top table with a pub set gives you the perfect place to keep your messier snacks or dishes that take up more space.


Make your furniture arrangements versatile.

If you need to get some seating closer to the TV, you want some chairs that are easy to move around. If you plan to use the table of your pub set as a place to keep snacks, you can still grab the chairs and move them around. For extra seating versatility, get a pub set that has a few more chairs than you might use on a daily basis. A pub set makes a great everyday casual dining setup, and you can keep a few extra chairs in the corner for when you have guests over.


Pub Sets for Every Home at Chair Fair

Up your seating game with pub sets from Chair Fair! We have plenty of options in our showroom and on our website, so you can easily find the perfect seating solution for your home.


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