Should Kitchen Stools Contrast or Match the Overall Theme?

Kitchens are one of the busiest areas of the home. Whether it’s a normal day or a night of entertaining family and friends, your kitchen is most likely the main gathering area in the house. Because of the gathering appeal, designing a kitchen can be overwhelming – from stools to countertop selection, appliances to flooring, the choices are endless.

However, when it comes to remodeling or a quick refresher, many elements of the kitchen can quickly change the overall aesthetic. For instance, painting your cabinets and changing the hardware is an inexpensive task that can instantly transform an outdated feel to a clean and modern vibe. But, now that you’ve created a new feel, you need to consider other elements to keep the new aesthetic flowing.

Beyond small details like countertop appliances and décor, your stools are an imperative part of the overall feeling in your kitchen. Like cabinets, kitchen seating can quickly deter welcoming intent. Old, stained, chipped, or scratched seating is not only unsightly but a sure turnoff for your guests. Whether you decide to give DIY a try or opt to start brand new, ignoring your stools is not an option.

So, now that we agree it’s time to update your stools, where to start? Should your seating blend or contrast the overall aesthetic of the room?




Consider the highlights of the room


One of the most significant elements in selecting seating for your kitchen is considering what you want highlighted. Is your kitchen island the stand out feature, or perhaps it is the gorgeous marbled countertop? Either way, deciding which stools will depend on whether or not they’ll distract from your spotlight.

For example, a kitchen with a black and white marble waterfall countertop complemented by black wooden cabinetry may work best with a natural tan leather stool. This choice will allow the beauty of your kitchen to shine. However, it will also provide a pop of contrasting color keeping the overall feel from becoming too monotonous and dark.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is filled with sleek stainless appliances, white countertops and cabinetry, and a darker island wood, you may want to blend your stools. In this instance, our professionals recommend complementing your seating options with your appliances. A backless silver stool will highlight the stainless steel while providing an appealing draw to the eye.


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Before deciding which stool is best for your kitchen, take a step back and observe with an unbiased eye. The options are endless and there is no right or wrong answer. Pops of color to simplistic backless wooden stools, we have what you need here at Chair Fair.


Stop by our showroom for the largest selection in the Weymouth area. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, our team will provide custom options to ensure your vision comes life!