The Evolution of Bar Stools

Bar stools have been around forever. The most common design of these chairs is the original for all chairs, so they are a piece of history. But how did they make their way from being used all over, to exclusively in bars and restaurants, and then back into your home? Well don’t worry, we researched for you, so you don’t have to.

From the Beginning

All chairs, and most furniture really, were initially made from wood. The most basic design for seating was the traditional three-legged style we see today. Bar stools specifically were considered the most basic of seating options. During the Roman Empire, your seat of choice said a lot about you. The more extravagant, the wealthier you were (think about thrones). That being said, simple stools were often the choice for the poor and servants. This train of thought disappeared sometime during the Industrial Revolution, where mass production was more accessible and more people had access to furniture.

Why Bars & Restaurants?

Shouldn’t bars and restaurants want “classier” seating, if this furniture determined status? Sort of. When you’re opening and furnishing a restaurant or bar, you have to remember exactly how much seating you’re going to need. Hint: it’s a lot. Bar stools rose in popularity because of their low cost compared to other options. Again, the increase in mass production allowed restaurants and pubs to get lots of the same chair. Bar stools specifically are also more space efficient than other options so that you can fit more of them up against the counter.

Why Your Home?

Everyone knows that fashion has a life cycle, and furniture and home design is no different. Trends that were once old become new again, and that’s what’s happening here! People remember the efficiency and versatility of countertop dining, and it’s as popular as ever! Our showroom has over 300 designs and styles of barstool, so we’re sure there’s one that’ll match the rest of your home. Stop in – we’re located on Washington St in Weymouth – to see for yourself!