Top Three Ways You’re Ruining Your Dinette Set

Dinette sets can often be the most abused piece of furniture in a home.  Although we take the time and effort to choose the perfect set to fit our décor and needs, the set, for many people, is soon neglected.  Here at Chair Fair, we want to help you preserve your investment.  This article will highlight a few of the top reasons we hear about when it concerns damaged dining sets.


We Place and Don’t Protect

Often we’ll grab our morning coffee, or evening meal, and place the dish directly on our wood table. The placement of a hot object directly onto your wood set will wreak havoc on the surface. Whether you permanently burn a circle on the surface or cause a nifty bubbling effect, the damage is generally not reversible.  Thus, the use of placemats, coasts, trivets, or even a tablecloth can help protect your set for years to come.


You Get What You Pay For

Now, we’re not referencing your dinette sets in this category, but how you choose to dust and polish them.  If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’re guilty of grabbing the big-name commercial brand at the local department store.  However, these are the products that you should avoid.  Although they provide the instant polish and shine we’re looking for, they are mainly topical products that do nothing more than giving instant gratification.  With the use of soft, damp cloth, you can accomplish the same task without the chemicals.  Another alternative is the use of essential oils which will not only help clean and polish your wood, but they can help to nourish and preserve it as well.


Your Table Has Become an Arts and Crafts Space

Although we purchase a dining set with the intention of everyday gatherings, many sets are neglected.  Becoming the source for piles of clothing, mail, or other household items, our tables can be considered as multi-functional.  However, one of the best ways to scratch the surface of your wooden table is to use it for arts and crafts.  Whether drawing, building Lego sets, or writing the weekly dinner plan, wood can scratch easily.  This scenario is a catch twenty-two.  Many of use choose to use and enjoy the dining set, regardless of the consequence.  And that’s okay.  Why? Because a few brilliant humans decided to create a few handy products to help us cover small nicks and scratches. However, keep in mind this is a cover, not a fix.



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