What Does Your Dining Set Say About You?

Your home is an extension of you. And how you decorate it says a lot about what you value, what you enjoy, and your sense of style. For example, farmhouse style decor says you like to keep up with current trends, while high-end appliances suggest you enjoy cooking and you value what you’re creating. But what about your dining set? Did you pick it just because it was on sale and you needed something? Or did you carefully choose a piece to “go with” the vibe of the rest of the room? Read on to see what our “furniture personality test” says about you.


Primarily, dining sets are made from either glass, wood, or metal, or a combination. Wooden sets say you’re in it for the long haul. They’re meant to last, and you’re not worried about a few dings or scratches – they add character, right? Glass and metal sets say that you’re into style, and wanted something classic. They’re easier to maintain than wooden sets, but look best when they’re kept in good condition.


Now, this may speak more to function than an in-depth look into your personality – but what you’re doing in your home is related, right? Large tables are indicative of a large family or frequent gatherings. This tells us you value your family and social life, and like hosting events. But don’t worry! Small tables don’t tell us you’re cold-hearted and antisocial. Maybe you have a smaller space and don’t have people over as often. You’re more into going out and celebrating elsewhere than having people over. We don’t blame you, cooking and cleaning for large groups can be a pain.

How’d we do? Were we way off base? Whether we were right or wrong, your choice of dining set says a lot about you. Choosing a new piece of furniture is a big decision, and the professionals here at Chair Fair are here to help you every step of the way. Stop by our showroom on Washington St in Weymouth to check out our large selection of dining sets, dinette sets, barstools, and more!