Dining Room Sets That Are Holiday Ready

Is it your turn to host Thanksgiving or the holiday dinner this year? If you’re having a large gathering of friends and family this year, you need somewhere for everyone to sit. If your current dining room furniture isn’t up to the task, it’s time to visit Chair Fair! We have dining room sets that will work for family dinners or holiday gatherings.

If hosting large gatherings is something you do a lot, here’s what you should look for in dining room sets that will be great for the holidays and beyond.


Start with Size and Shape

We’ve discussed the importance of choosing the right size and shape for your dining room table in a previous post, but large gatherings add some more factors. If you need to fit a lot of people around a table, you want an oblong—an oval or rectangle. Some people prefer oval tables because it’s easier to squeeze in some extra places at the end. However, this is the dining room table that you’ll have in your home all year, so pick something that you like the look of, too. If you prefer a modern style, go for a rectangular table.


Leaves Are Your Best Friend

Because you don’t have upwards of a dozen people over for an elaborate meal every night, you’ll want an adjustable table. Having a table with leaves is the lifesaver of every holiday host. Finding somewhere to store them for the rest of the year might be a challenge, but you’ll be happy you have them when the holidays roll around.


Extra Chairs

And of course, you need extra chairs! Going with a classic or simple style that is easy to match is generally a good idea. That way, if you need to get more chairs in the future, you won’t have a hard time finding chairs that match your set.


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