Finding a Dining Set to Fit You

Next to kitchens and bathrooms, dining rooms are the most used rooms in any house. Regardless if you prefer formal dining or casual seating in the kitchen, the professionals at Chair Fair can find a dining set that’s right for you.


How Big Is the Space?

The main thing to think about when purchasing your dining set is the space you’re going to put it in. It’s recommended that you leave at least 36 inches from the table’s edge to the wall on all sides. This way, there is plenty of room to sit comfortably. Also, make sure theres plenty of room to walk around the table.  To maximize the space, choose a table that mimics the shape of the room.


What Are You Using It For?

Once you know how much space you’re working with, you should consider what you use your dining table for. You also probably use the table for things like crafting, board games, and homework – especially if it’s the largest table in your home. In this case, extra storage will be necessary to accommodate the extra supplies. Sideboards and buffets are suitable for rectangular rooms because they can hold extra plates and other items you want to keep in the room. They are also good for buffet style dining to keep the large trays off the tables.


How Many Chairs Do You Need?

To maximize seating, consider using a bench instead of chairs along a long end of a rectangular dining table. Benches take up less space because you don’t need room for mobility  around each chair. Round tables are easy to add more seating than usual because there are no corners to define the space. Oval tables with leaves work for a smaller setting. This way, you can have a bigger table only on special occasions. Table leaves that transform the table from round to rectangular are beneficial when you need to save space or push the table flush against a wall.


Light, Light, Light!

The most difficult part of arranging dining room furniture – aside from the large table – is finding light fixtures that work for all the room’s uses. Things like homework and hobbies generally need bright lights, while dining is seen as more intimate if the lights are low. To accommodate both, choose lighting that can be adjusted, such as dimmer switches.


The professionals at Chair Fair are dedicated to finding you a dining set that’s both practical and stylish. Give us a call at (781) 843-3300 with any questions, and be sure to visit our showroom on Washington St in Weymouth, MA!