Make Your Bar Stools Look Like They Belong

In your twenties, it’s basically guaranteed that your home will be a mish-mash of the second-hand furniture gifted to you by family, friends, and maybe even just left on the side of the road. But as you get older and become more established, it’s natural to take a little more pride in your home and its design. From furniture to flooring to home decor, making everything seem like it belongs is the key to home design. This can be challenging if you don’t purchase everything together. But have no fear! Read on to learn some tips and tricks to make it seem like every piece is perfectly coordinated, even your new bar stools.

Pick One Element

No one’s expecting you to change the flooring, paint the walls, purchase the furniture, and decorate a room all in one go. You’ll slowly gather pieces over time that reflect your style and the “vibe” you’re going for. But try and focus on one thing for each element. For example, choosing to match the cushions on your bar stools to the trim on the walls will make sure they go together without overdoing it. Remember, you want everything to look cohesive, but it doesn’t all have to be the same!

Choose a Material

The number one giveaway of mismatched furniture is different building materials. Having a wooden bar and metal stools can look cluttered. Try sticking with either the same material and even the same stain, to keep it cohesive. Of course, your style is mismatched – go for it! Here at Chair Fair, we have a large inventory of bar stools on display made from various materials for you to choose from.


It may seem a little silly to have a “theme” for a room, but hear us out. Consistency in your decor is the pinnacle of “having your life together”. When it comes to bars and bar stools, a popular example is industrial. Metal furniture and wood beams can make your space feel modern. Wooden and leather furnishings, however give off a classic feel.

Thinking of adding bar stools to a room in your home but not sure how to fit them into your current decor? Come on down to our showroom on Washington St in Weymouth and chat with a professional!