What’s Your Design Style?

If you’ve ever seen any home decorating show, the designers regularly throw around words like “rustic” or “modern,” but what does any of that mean? Read on to find out what style best suits you, and then visit our showroom of over 100 dining sets to see what we have to offer at Chair Fair.



Contemporary style furniture is some of the most popular. Punctuated by bold solid colors combined with soft neutrals, these types of dining sets generally have metal frames and straight legs. They also focus on simple shapes and are usually lower to the ground.



Homes with open floor plans and lots of light can benefit from the “country” style. Also known as a farmhouse look, this style is accompanied by lots of rustic looking wood and floral patterns. Colors associated with this style are red, black, and white accents.


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern designs pay homage to the 1950’s and 1960’s and focus on natural and organic shapes and materials. Furniture of this style is characterized with neutral colors and simple designs. It also combines some elements of minimalism.



Minimalism is all about letting the focal piece of furniture speak for itself. The furniture is simple in both design and color. Overall, minimalistic styles have little to no accessories or flashy decor. The focus is on the functionality of the room, not so much the style.



Another style slowly making a rise to popularity is industrial. Inspired by warehouses and mills, this style incorporates building materials like metal, brick, and wood into the design of the space. Furniture is typically made of metal and is very functional.



Lastly, a traditional style is one of our most popular. Marked with elegant furniture and a variety of textures, traditional style homes feature vibrant colors and lots of curved lines.


No matter what your taste is, our showroom is bound to have something you like. With over 100 styles of dining sets in store and endless possibilities online, we want your dining space to reflect your personality while also being practical and useful. See what Chair Fair can do for you by visiting our showroom in Weymouth, MA, or browsing our website.