Upgrade Your Entertainment Game with Bar Sets

bar sets

Now that spring has arrived in New England, gatherings with friends and family is a favorite pastime for many. However, spring can also be an overwhelming season.  For instance, if your entertaining game is not quite up to par and you have a gathering planned; you may find yourself scrambling for a solution.  If this […]

Purchasing a Bar Set Will Make Your Home the Place to Be

Unless you’re in college, or still like to pretend you are, you probably have a dining room table. Or at the very least, a place dedicated to eating each meal. But when you have guests, where do you sit? When you’re holding a casual party or gathering, it’s unlikely that everyone is going to gather […]

What Makes A Good Furniture Store?

The furniture market can be a scary place, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or have no idea where to start, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are so many design and hardware choices to make, not to mention size considerations. But a good furniture store puts […]

A Pub Set: The Versatile Dining Choice

Unless you’re a seasoned home decorator, it’s hard to tell the difference between different types of tables and chairs. It might be a bit of a shock when you go to buy a dining set and you’re faced with so many options. Everything about a table and dining set is customizable. At Chair Fair, we’re […]